Club Policies

Following national news coverage in Autumn 2016 in respect to historic allegations of child exploitation in football, the level of scrutiny from governing bodies, the press and wider community on grass roots football is greater than it has ever been.

The requirements for robust policies and controls – particularly in relation to safeguarding – has raised the threshold of what constitutes good governance for all grass roots football clubs.

Norristhorpe Junior Football Club (the Club) has confirmed to The Football Association (The FA) that it will comply with all requirements issued by The FA in respect to safeguarding.

The Club has also adopted in full the following policies issued by The FA:

 Respect Codes of Conduct 

 Social Media Policy 

The Club is committed to full adherence with the rules and regulations of all league,
cup or gala competitions that the Club's teams are registered to compete in.

In addition to the requirements issued by The FA and relevant leagues, the Club has established its own policies and/or expected behavioural standards. Requirements of this nature are discussed at club meetings and the agreed outcomes circulated to club coaches and administrators to communicate to parents.

It is also expected that coaches, parent helpers and administrators act
in a manner consistent with the ethos of the Club.

 NJFC Expected Behaviours and Sanctions Policy 

 NJFC Health and Safety Policy 

 Safeguarding Children Policy 

 Anti-Bullying Policy 

 Equality Policy 

 NJFC Social Media Use Policy 

 NJFC New Volunteer Policy 

 NJFC Volunteer Application Form 

 NJFC Club Roles & Responsibilities 

 NJFC Late Collection of Children Policy 

 NJFC Missing Persons Policy 

 NJFC Photography Policy 

 NJFC Goalpost Safety Guidelines 

 NJFC Footwear Guidelines for MFG Training 

 NJFC GDPR Data Protection Policy 

 NJFC GDPR Data Privacy Notice 

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