Our Ethos

To provide opportunities to play football for children of all ages and abilities,
in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment.

To deliver age-appropriate coaching to support long-term player development.

To offer a challenging but supportive environment where children can learn
from their mistakes without undue pressure or anxiety.

To encourage positive team spirit and togetherness at all times.

To promote good behaviour and respect for others in alignment with the principles
set out in the FA Respect Code of Conduct for Team Officials (Coaches), Players and Spectators.

Founding Principles: The Importance of Fair Play

The Club shall aim to positively promote the game of association football to its members and offer coaching and competitive opportunities to all those members who wish to play. To this end it shall operate a ‘turn up and play’ policy for all junior members, to ensure those who wish to play have the opportunity to do so. There will be no requirement to ‘come for a trial’ before being accepted to the Club.

The Club is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity. No participant or volunteer of the Club will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, parental or marital status, religious belief, social class or sexual preference than any other.

The Club will ensure that there is open access for all those who wish to participate in the activities of the Club, in whatever capacity and that they are treated fairly. The Club recognises its legal obligations not to discriminate and will regard discrimination by any club official, volunteer or participant as grounds for disciplinary action under the relevant Club rules.

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