Our Location

Warrenside Sports Complex, Warrenside, Huddersfield HD2 1LG

PLEASE NOTE: Warrenside is a Dog Exclusion Zone. No dogs are allowed beyond the site entrance. To avoid any potential inconvenience when asked to remove your dog from the site, please leave your dog at home or make other suitable arrangements for their care whilst you are here.

We also politely request that you refrain from smoking or vaping on site.


The entrance to Warrenside Sports Complex is located between 102 amd 104 Warrenside. Due to very limited space, we ask you to please park considerately, double parking with other cars from your own team where possible. If you are able to car share then please consider this option. Please double park along the car park perimeter fencing, but single park against the long clubhouse wall. No parking is permitted at the gable end side of the clubhouse or at the edge of the grass; a clear route is required from the entrance gate down to the grass, in order to allow emergency services vehicles to access the pitches in the event of an emergency. For the same reason, parking is not permitted on the driveway between the entrance on Warrenside and the car park gates. If no space is available within the car park, we ask you to park on one side only of the main road Keldregate, showing due consideration for local residents and the safety of pedestrians. PLEASE DO NOT PARK on Warrenside leading up to the site entrance. Many thanks.

Refreshments & Facilities

The clubhouse has ample indoor seating and toilet facilities for matchdays and training sessions, including a disabled toilet. The kitchen serves a small selection of items including sausage or bacon sandwiches, tea, coffee, chocolate bars, soft drinks and sweets. We offer a 20p discount to anyone using their own travel mug for a tea or coffee!

Volunteer Helpers

Running the facilities and maintaining the site is a collaborative effort across the whole club, relying on the assistance of volunteers from all age groups and teams. Please speak to your age group coach or admin helper to find out how you can help. Any time and effort you can spare will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to the club's principle aim of continuing to provide football for all ages and abilities!

Duties such as serving food and drinks in the kitchen, car park marshalling, tidying up and cleaning are just some of the roles that need to be filled in order to keep the facilities running smoothly for the benefit of all on matchdays and at training sessions.